Tidak Tahu .. translated from indonesian language means "don't know".
That's the meaning of this site .. to give you informations that where not told to you before .. not in school and not in the media ..
You where even told things that are not true ..  that's why we want to make you angry and inform yourself.
We don.t want to say that our informations are the ultimate truth .. We are not perfect too ..
We want you to start to understand and to research on your own.
We want everyone that reads our informations and has better , deeper or different ones to share them with us and help us to get better ..
This website is made for people of our beloved country Indonesia, but many informations are helpful to others too maybe ..
We try to backup our information with as many links as possible , to control them on your own and for advanced research ..
If you have better links or links in bahasa where we only found english informations , please share them with us..
If you like to help us (financial , as informer or promoter) get in contact with us over the contact site.

                                                                         your tidaktahu.com team